About US


From one humble location launched by founders, Leander Brice and Garvin Newball, on Andros in October of 2013 to dozens of locations today, A Sure Win has rocketed to the top ranks of the local gaming industry by providing the highest quality gaming services available in The Bahamas while fostering an environment of responsible gaming and utilizing a balanced geographic approach to providing gaming services with equal value placed on targeting the often neglected Family Island market while also targeting strategic locations on New Providence. Our lightning-fast software and network infrastructure ensures unrivaled speed and reliability, allowing our valued customers throughout The Bahamas to enjoy Vegas-quality gaming with the click of a mouse.


To lead the way as The Bahamas’ socially responsible gaming option.

We are betting our success as a company on being the socially responsible option for gaming in The Bahamas. While many companies talk about corporate responsibility as a way to strengthen their brand, responsibility is A Sure Win’s brand. The relationship between us and our customers is one built on trust and we have dedicated ourselves to earning that trust each and every day. Our members know that they are contributing to a company that believes and invests in the Bahamian people – a company that continuously raises the stakes to create a customer experience that not only provides unparalleled reliability and quality in service but also invests in the well-being of our members and their communities.

Successfully achieving this vision entails achieving a substantial gain in market share while creating a greater demand amongst the gaming public for more responsibility and accountability within the gaming industry by all major players involved: the companies, customers and communities.


To provide the highest quality gaming experience while ushering in a paradigm shift towards gaming as a responsible form of recreation capable of uplifting the community.

While other gaming operators may include a corporate responsibility arm within their structure and branding, responsibility is A Sure Win’s brand – it is a guiding principle that informs all of our decision making.