ASureWin announces launch of gambling helpline to promote responsible gaming.

Local gaming enterprise, A Sure Win, has announced the launch of a dedicated gambling help hotline as a part of its push to promote responsible gaming behavior in the local community. At a press conference held on the 14th, the A Sure Win executive team announced numerous details on this newly launched hotline as a part of the company's vision of being "the responsible way to play" in The Bahamas. A Sure Win CEO, Leander Brice, was on hand to announce what he says is just one of many steps the company is taking to get its message of social responsibility to the Bahamian public. "When we changed our motto to ‘The Responsible Way to Play', we did so with the idea that responsibility would become the modus operandi of this company. A Sure Win's gambling helpline represents an integral step in addressing the social impact of the gaming industry on members of our society. While most Bahamians are quite capable of making responsible recreational gaming choices, there is a segment of our population that needs help in managing their gaming habits and as a responsible gaming entity it is our duty to address this issue head on." The dedicated anonymous gaming hotline, which will run from 9am to midnight, 7 days a week, is being established in conjunction with an experienced local partner who will remain confidential for now, but Mr. Brice assured the public that the individuals behind it were fully qualified and capable. "Instead of reinventing the wheel, we really wanted to fund and strengthen the capabilities of an already existing organization to ensure that we were providing high quality counselling services to those who need help". The hotline represents just the first step in a two-phase responsible gaming campaign with the second phase set to begin in coming months with its main focus being the introduction of a 24/7 online gambling help chat and the launch of a public awareness campaign to promote healthy gaming habits. Over the past few months, A Sure Win has rebranded itself as The Bahamas' responsible gaming option as it attempts to capture segments of the gaming market that are looking for a more customer-friendly, socially responsible gaming option. Along with the gambling helpline, recent activities under this rebranding have included the launch of the organization's Youth, Education, Environment and Sports (YES) initiative which has involved the donation of tens of thousands of dollars to numerous YES-related non-profit organizations. "From our perspective, corporate responsibility is not about blindly throwing money at a target in exchange for publicity, it is about strategically targeting those issues and people who need help the most and ensuring that we give in an effective and sustainable way. ", says Mr. Brice. "It is not just about the quantity that we are able to give, but also about the quality and care with which we give – that is the responsible approach that is guiding our company as we execute our vision." The company encourages anyone who personally needs help with their gaming habits or has a family member or loved one who needs help to contact the Gambling Helpline at 1-242-328-4842.

A Sure Win announces partnership to empower youth in Englerston community

Students attending a local after school program were given an early Christmas gift as executives from the local gaming company, A Sure Win, stopped by to announce their sponsorship of the learning initiative as a key step in the company's "Youth and Education, Environment and Sports" (YES) community empowerment plan.
A Sure Win co-CEOs Mr. Leander Brice and Garvin Newball were on hand to present an initial donation of $2,000 while announcing what they say represents just a first step for the company's Y.E.S. initiative. The company released an official statement on Wednesday afternoon:
"Corporate and social responsibility is the driving force behind A Sure Win's success. Our motto,''The Responsible Way to Play', reflects our vision of being the socially responsible option for gaming in The Bahamas. This is reflected not only in the promotion of responsible gaming habits through our public awareness campaign and soon-to-be-launched confidential gambling help hotline, but also through playing an active role in community development and doing our part to educate and empower members of our communities. This partnership represents just a first step in an on-going process of identifying and addressing the major issues facing our local communities in a positive way."
The after-school program, The Community Leadership Center (C.L.C.), which has two locations and over 50 registered students from within the Englerston community, provides free computer-based lessons in math, reading and life skills every weekday from 3:40-7:00pm. It was the ongoing nature of the CLC's community work and its proven track record for improving student performance that inspired A Sure Win to reach out and get involved.
C.L.C. director, Chet Pratt, stated that he was impressed with the level of interest that the A Sure Win team had shown in their efforts to contribute to the work that his organization was doing and that he was pleased to partner with a company that "gets it" where education and social development were concerned: "It is a process that requires tremendous amounts of passion, energy and faith and I believe that team at A Sure Win has demonstrated a zeal for social responsibility that enables them to be a very effective partner."
From a Sure Win's perspective, co-CEO Brice emphasized that the company is actively "seeking to partner with and develop programs that have the potential to substantially impact the lives of those involved. This is not just about making donations but also using our resources to build strategic relationships and partnerships to engage the community on a real and transformative level."
With the regularization of the gaming industry recently enacted and new gaming licenses scheduled to be granted in May of 2015, Mr. Brice stated that the company was now focused on providing the highest quality product it can provide for its valued customers – with its "responsibility first" approach being the driving force through which the A Sure Win brand will be defined.
A Sure Win's next featured Y.E.S. event will be this Friday when the company hosts a private Christmas party and giveaway event at with donations of toys and money to local charitable initiatives, including the Aids Foundation, Family of All Murder Victims, Hope for the Holidays and the Urban Renewal Marching Band.

ASureWin gives early Xmas gift to local charities

Good times abounded last Friday as local gaming company, A Sure Win, hosted over 100 youngsters and representatives from various local charitable organizations for a Christmas party and giveaway at Mario’s Bowling Alley. The festive event, which featured free food and drinks, cotton candy and snow cones, and even local party favorite Charlie the Yellow Bahamian Bird, culminated in a gift-giving presentation to all the young party-goers complete with a very convincing Santa along with his little helpers. However, the biggest gift of all was the presentation of donations to four local youth-related charities. Donations of gifts were given to The HIV Foundation and Families of All Murder Victims, while donations of $3,000 each were given to the Bahamas Urban Youth Development Center and the Englerston Urban Renewal West Marching Band. A Sure Win co-CEOs, Leander Brice and Garvin Newball, were on hand to make the presentations for what they say is a fundamental component of A Sure Win’s mission as a company – investing in the community. Referring to the company’s newly adopted motto, “The Responsible Way to Play”, Mr. Brice pointed out that corporate and social responsibility were paramount in the company’s approach to doing business. "It is all about the smiles today. This is what it is all about – giving back and making a positive impact in this country. Running an enterprise such as ours is never just about making a profit, it is also about being a responsible corporate citizen, leading the way and building on our success as a company in a way that builds the community. That is the A Sure Win way." The event was a part of the gaming company's recently launched Youth, Education, Environment and Sports initiative (YES), which is dedicated towards the empowerment of the Bahamian people. The four areas outlined in the initiative's name represent four key areas in which the company believes it can successfully engage and positively influence the society-at-large with a particular emphasis placed on at-risk youth. Earlier in the week, the company announced a key partnership to form and improve after-school learning programs in the Englerston area with future announcements to come for what Mr. Brice calls the "first steps" in A Sure Win's plan for community engagement. "What you are seeing here today and in the past few weeks are just the first few steps in what will be a consistent effort to invest in the communities that have contributed to our success as a company. We are not shying away from our obligation as an industry leader to provide leadership when the opportunity arises. On that note, we have recently launched a responsible gaming awareness campaign aimed at promoting healthy gaming habits amongst our customers and we will also be launching a much-needed gaming help hotline in coming weeks to address the needs of those who need assistance with managing their gaming habits." With the date for the granting of gaming licenses looming in May, Mr. Brice stated that the company is excited about what the future holds and that the fulfilling of the requirements of the regulatory environment will not affect his company's dedication to maintaining the highest standards for its valued customers – with its mission of being The Bahamas' socially responsible gaming option serving as the driving force behind the company's success.

A Sure Win forming "key partnership" with AIDS Foundation

Local gaming organization, A Sure Win, has continued its recent philanthropic streak with a donation of equipment and supplies to the Bahamas AIDS Foundation to aid in the restoration and maintenance of the grounds of its Delancy Street headquarters. The gift presentation included the donation of lawn care supplies and equipment that will be used to rejuvenate the foundation's on-site garden and grounds. It is the second donation made by A Sure Win to the AIDS foundation in recent months - with the gaming company having previously donated hundreds of toys to children living with HIV and AIDS as a part of its Christmas giveaway. Since the launch of its Youth, Education, Environment and Sports (YES) community outreach initiative in mid-December, A Sure Win has been actively seeking to make donations to local causes that fall under the YES umbrella. The company sees its burgeoning relationship with the AIDS Foundation as being representative of the kind of vital, youth-oriented work it would like to do throughout New Providence and the Family Islands to improve the lives of at-risk and marginalized youth. A Sure Win spokesperson and CEO of J. Sawyer & Associates, Mr. Jerome Sawyer, commented on the gaming company’s eagerness to assist the AIDS Foundation with its restoration efforts: "For over two decades, the AIDS foundation has been doing amazing work in this country within the area of HIV/AIDS awareness, treatment and support. Naturally, when we were approached by the AIDS Foundation to assist in purchasing these items, we jumped at the opportunity to once again contribute to this admirable organization in any way we could. We really view this relationship between our organizations as being one of the key partnerships that we will form within our YES initiative and we are hoping to partner with the AIDS foundation on many more projects in the future." Leading the A Sure Win team on a tour of the foundation’s main facility, President of the Bahamas AIDS Foundation, Lady Camille Barnett, expressed gratitude on behalf of her organization for the donation: "The Bahamas AIDS Foundation is extremely appreciative of this donation by A Sure Win. It will go a long way towards the restoration of our garden and premises and will definitely put a smile on the faces of the many children who walk through our doors for support each and every day. We are so thankful to A Sure Win for once again coming to our assistance and are looking forward to a fruitful partnership for years to come." With its recent rebranding as a socially responsibly gaming enterprise highlighted by a new slogan (The Responsible Way to Play), a responsible gaming campaign and the launch of the country's first-ever gambling help hotline, A Sure Win has made multiple donations to related non-profit organizations and community groups under its YES initiative in recent months as the company strives to reposition its gaming product as a form of responsible recreation that is capable of contributing positively to the local community.

A Sure Win helps the Heart Foundation on its mission to mend young hearts.

With the date for The Sir Victor Sassoon (Bahamas) Heart Foundation's Ball rapidly approaching, local gaming company A Sure Win has stepped up to the plate to do its part to aid in the foundation's work of healing hearts. A Sure Win co-CEOs, Mr. Leander Brice and Mr. Garvin Newball, were on hand to announce the company's formal sponsorship of the ball and the formation of an ongoing partnership with the Bahamas Heart Foundation as a part of the gaming company's recent expansion of its corporate giving and community-building activities. For Co-CEO, Mr. Leander Brice, whose company has recently changed its motto to "The Responsible Way to Play", the Heart Foundation Ball is exactly the kind of worthy cause that the company is seeking to contribute to as it positions itself as The Bahamas' socially responsible gaming option. "With the recent launch of our Youth, Education, Environment and Sports initiative (YES) as a part of our new vision of being a responsible gaming entity, we are actively seeking to contribute to vital youth-related causes. When we were informed that money donated to the ball goes directly towards heart surgeries for children we knew we had to get involved as a platinum sponsor to make our contribution to this amazing foundation that is saving young lives each and every day." Mr. Brice went on to state that this was just the beginning of what he hoped would be a fruitful relationship between the two organizations as sustainable and effective corporate sponsorship was now one of A Sure Win's primary focuses for the foreseeable future. "As one of the most respected non-profits in the country with a long and successful record of taking on the vital issue of heart health heads-on, The Heart Foundation is definitely an organization with the kind of proven track record that we'd like to continue to work with throughout the year. Hopefully, through these efforts we will be able to make a real difference." Heart Foundation Ball co-chair, Mrs. Coretta Owen, expressed gratefulness for the timely donation: "Platinum sponsors of the Ball help the committee to defray the overhead expenses needed to organize the Ball, allowing more proceeds for surgeries. Our platinum sponsors are also very important in working with us to share information on this very serious condition in our society. The Sir Victor Sassoon Bahamas Heart Foundation is honored and very thankful that A Sure Win has made us their charity of choice to help children in the community. We are looking forward to a long and exciting partnership throughout the year - raising funds and awareness for the Foundation." This year's event marks the 51st Anniversary of the Heart Foundation's Ball. It will begin at 7pm at the Melia Nassau Beach Resort ballroom on Saturday, February 14th, 2015. The foundation has pledged that 97% of each dollar donated to the ball will go directly towards heart surgeries for Bahamian children. Members of the public are encouraged to purchase their tickets to this worthy cause for a night of dining, cocktails and dancing.